Try Catch not going to catch block/bypassing the error even after i have set exception

Hi, i’m new to uipath. I’m trying to use Try Catch to perform simple login task and if there is an error, it will click on the youtube video that play some notification sound video. However, it seems like it won’t go to the catch block when the Try activities failed. Both the activities on Try and Catch block work when i run independently. I purposely made the Try activity fail but it somehow won’t go to Catch block. Attached the following screenshot.



Can you check if GlobalHandler exists in your project? if so, can you try to remove it or remove Handler, as GlobalHandeler catches exception before try-catch.



Remove the Global Handler if you have one. It isn’t particularly useful if you have better custom exception handling and it causes unexpected behavior like this, it also prevents you from rethrowing to upper instance as it goes instantly to the global handler.

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