Issue with try catches block

hai i have sequence in for each block the sequence contains type in to to type in the text box to filter and then check to check the box got after the filter later click done button
un fortunately when we filter some times there would be no value and we dont get any check box to check so the flow is throwing error element was not found so i kept those 3 activity sequence in a try block and in chatches block i took log message and gave message no data was found on filtered criteria and followed by one click to click return button
but the issue is when i was keeping this sequence in try block if no check box was found as by the filter it was not jumping to catches block
but when i keep only single activity i…e check activity in the try block it was searching if check box was not there it was jumping to chatches block
can any one help why it was not working when i kept sequence in catches block

Hi @bpt.teja1996

If you explain stepwise with screenshot i can help you,

As per understanding, it not problem with Try catch,

you can make the property Continue on Error for Type into Activity as True, if there would be no value also after filter it will continue to execute the next Activities.


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@Latika10011740 yes but if we keep it true if any error occurs in the try sequence will it go to catche block…?

If you say True… for that specific activity then it never give you fail… though you have a real fail at that activity… and it won’t catch by Try Catch Block…

I encountered the same behavior and I do not think the original question was answered.

If an exception is thrown within a sequence in the try block, the exception is NOT caught.

However if the try block contains only one activity (i.e. not enclosed within a sequence), then the exception is properly caught.

In both cases, the Continue on Error property is set to the default (i.e. not TRUE). Therefore the behavior should be identical in both cases.

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