Try Catch Does Not Catch Activities Wrapped in a Sequence

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I was just trying to catch different errors that might occur in some sequence with the Try Catch activity. When errors occured during execution of the sequence Try Catch did not catch.

I built some test project for investigation. In order to produce some exception I put a Click activity into a Try Catch that is suppost to click on a non-existent element. If I just put the Click into the Try Catch, the exception gets caught, but if I wrap the Click into some sequence and put the sequence into the Try Catch, it does not get caught anymore.

I remember that I once wrapped sequences with Try Catch and it was catching the errors perfectly. Is this maybe due to some update?

For my test project see sceenshots attached.

Does someone know how I can catch different exceptions that a structure of nested sequences throws with just one Try Catch around the outer sequence?

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Does not catch:

Are you running this in Debug mode? If so, try just running and see results please.


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Yes, I’m running it in Debug Mode, currently. You mean I should run it without Debugging?

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Yes, no Debug Mode. Just run it please.


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Amazing, it works! Thank you so much.

Great, please mark solution.


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