Try catch doesn't go from Try to Catches if Try is a Sequence in 12 Lesson Part1

UiPath 2019.10.0. If I place in a Try block a sequence with several operations and one of them catches an exception then instead of jumping to Catches Block my program stops with an Error. If I press Ignore It continues to execute the Sequence instead of jumping to Catches Block. So it happens with the 1 Practice and with the 2.
But if I place one operation in Try Block it jumps to Catches Block in Practice 1. But in such case i can’t place Try catch blocks in one another ((. What is the new way of working with Catch Try blocks?

Hi @rokso1987,

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In the catch you are catching only specific exceptions like as you mentioned AgregateException, Try keeping the parent exception like Exception in the catch.

Then every exception will be caught and you will not end up in the error…



Thank you for your reply.
I began from plain Exception and after it failed i tried other types of exceptions. On the photo just one of them. So exception like Exception didn’t work for me (((

The problem was solved. In Run mode Try Catch works with many Activities. But if I try use it in Debug mode - i have problems. So the decision is to use Run or Run File modes when i start the project.

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