Try catch handling

hello guys since the object is not set
how can i make the EmailAddPL set the value to Nothing if the error happened again

I tried this but not working

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Hi @shanti_18

In the catch block add a catch by clicking on add new catch and give the log message to print the exception in the output panel.

You haven’t given the catch block the catch block is mandatory that was the error.

In log message give the below one.
Exception.message → will give the information of the error
Exception.souce → will give which activity throws the error.

Hope it helps!!

but my Finally is good?

I think my Finally is overwriting the value of the Try

Yes it overwrites the value that you have given nothing right it will be nothing in that variable.

but it also overwrite the one with value

In Try Catch Final
First it will come to try initialize the value to variable (EmailAddPL)
If any exceptions are there it will go to catch and execute the activities in catch.
After it go to final block and override the value to nothing.

Hope you understand!!

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