FInally block is not getting executed

i have written a piece of code using try catch activity in UiPath, in case of any system exception the BOT should suppose to do whatever activities in Finally block, but that is not happening, in case of any system exception it is just coming out from the sequence with out executing piece of code in Finally block…

i have gone through the code and i am sure that i am not using any terminate workflow activity… but what is that i am missing?

Hi @devasaiprasad_K

Can you check if the exception is being thrown inside the Catch section also.
If the exception is thrown in Catch section, then the Finally would not execute.

Catch section is only having log Message of Exception Message and Exception source… did not added any logic or activity’s in catch section.

It’s the Global Exception Handler.


Can you show some screenshot of how it looks

and is it continuing after the catch? or is it stopping there?