UiPath.Executor stop work

Hi All:

I use “Try catch” to run a process. I set the “try” to read a excel, it works fine. The"Catches" is empty. The finally is a log message. But it showed as below, I thinks there maybe has a issue about my “Try catch” activity, it’s my first time to use this activity. Thanks in advance !!!

Actually, the process has been finished. But the message still pops up.

Hi @Harvey

Try-Catch routine is meant to catch an exception and take action when it happens. Thus:
Try is where you put all the things you want to do normally.
Catch is where you put things that are executed when exception happens
Finality is where you put things that will execute at the end of Try-Catch routine, no matter if the exception happened or not.

This is why your log message will always show - because when Try-Catch is done, it executes whatever is in the Finality box.

I hope it clarifies a bit :slight_smile:

@loginerror Thanks for your response ! I have solved it ! thanks ~

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