Troubleshooting automation for a Silverlight application

What should I do if I cannot indicate in a Silverlight application?

  • If the extension is setup correctly, you should see the Silverlight tag present in the selector:

            Without extension                                                                                                                                                                                 


            With extension



  • When updating the UiAutomation, close IE and reopen (in order to discard the old SlHook)


  • Check Internet Explorer Settings:

Settings -> Internet Options -> Advanced

Enable Enhanced Protected Mode – OFF

Enable 64-bit Processes for Enhanced Protected Mode – OFF


Settings -> Safety -> ActiveX Filtering should be OFF


Settings -> Internet Options -> Security - check the security level for the group the site is in



  •  Check with Process Explorer:

UiPath, sllauncher.exe and iexplorer.exe should have the same integrity level. To check this go in  View →  Select Columns →  Process Image: check Integrity Level and Virtualized



         Iexplorer.exe integrity level High or AppContainer is a risk of breaking the communication