Troubleshoot Disabled Options For Git Menu In UiPath Studio

How to troubleshoot missing options for the Git Menu of a project in Studio ?

Issue Description: Successful connection made to the remote repository, but options in the GIT menu are greyed out/disabled.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Review the Current Configuration for GIT. Be sure the applicable steps have been followed for connecting to your Remote repository have been followed as described in Managing Projects with GIT documentation
  • After confirming the configuration is correct, if options in the GIT menu for the project in Studio are still disabled, validate the permissions in the online repository account (GitHub or GitLab, etc) that was used to make the connection in Studio are correct in GitHub or GitLab, etc.
  • Check to see if the issue only occurs with one project, or if it occurs for all projects.
  • If possible, try changing branches, making a change, and pushing to the remote repository. Is this successful? If an error occurs, capture a screenshot of the error. If this is successful and no errors occur, did it take an extended amount of time to change the branch and/or push the change?
  • Check to see if other users in the organization have the same issue with disabled GIT Menu options in Studio. If possible, log in to a different machine with a different user to see if the issue still occurs.
  • If the issue does not occur on a different machine with a different user, try logging in to a different machine as the affected user. If the issue still occurs, validate with the internal IT team that the Group Policy in place for the affected user is not restricting the GIT.

If the issue is still unresolved, gather the following information to share with UiPath support:

  1. Enable Driver Tracing
  2. Capture A Network Trace With Fiddler.

To capture a Fiddler Trace, use the following guide:

To use:

  • Download Fiddler
    1. Open it
    2. Clear your browser cache
    3. Recreate the issue by attempting to clone a new project, change branches, and push a minor change
    4. Fiddler can capture local traffic by using the machine's name as the host name rather than 'localhost'.
    5. Click File > Save > All Sessions....
    6. Attach the resulting file in .saz format for Support.

HTTPS: Fiddler has the functionality to capture traffic using its decrypt HTTPS functionality. Make sure to enable this before starting to capture,

  1. In the Studio Installation folder, there should be a tool called the Diagnostic Tool. Use this tool to capture a log for any potential Studio/Robot issues
  2. Disable Driver Tracing - Share the etl file that was created after disabling the driver tracing
  3. Share the results from the troubleshooting steps followed as listed above.