Git Version Control Menu Grayed out not working as expected

Hello All:

I am experiencing an issue where the integration between GitLab and UiPath studio is not working as expected.

I can clone projects down from GitLab fine.
I can commit and push to GitLab repos, but it takes forever to respond back.
The Pull (rebase) menu option grays out.
The Refresh Remote Branches option grays out.
I can switch branches, but it takes forever.
Git Version Control Menu

Version Info:
Version Info

Hello @jaspearson

Is it already pulled and aligned with the repo files?

Can you try creating a new project and check whether the Pull and Refresh is enabled after making a connection?


Generally yes, it is already pulled and aligned with the files in the remote repo but there are situations were I had to make changes via another machine and pushed them to the remote because my git setup wasn’t working right on my machine. In this case, when the files were not aligned and needed to be pulled to stay in sync the pull rebase menu option was still greyed out.


In the Team entity in UiPath studio, are you able to see the Clone Repository feature enabled?


Yes, I can see the clone option and I can clone repos down fine.

Not sure how helpful this is, but I have noticed that if I open up a UiPath project right after a reboot of my machine, that project functions normally with respect to Git/GitLab version control until I try to close it/reopen it or open another project.