Trouble with opening Uipath studio

At the moment I’ve been having trouble shooting UiPath studio. I look for some answerns and it seems it came down with the new update of the system or the licenses, I thought it was the update cause UiPath assistant didn’t work either. After some time the new update came and UiPath assistant started working again but I still couldn’t shoot ui Path studio. I also tried, reinstalling it again but it dosen’t work either. All I can open is StudioX and I can’t use it to end up my courses or do the work I need for my company. Are there any solutions?

Hi @lujanlon ,

open UiPath in that open Settings—>License and profile---->change profile to Studio
if it is not changed try to uninstall the studio and download again UiPath studio and try to install it.


Hello @lujanlon ,

Please check the link to change the profile for studio.

Hi @lujanlon ,

Could you check with the below post, It indeed is a licensing issue, as this is observed and it is effected to all using the community plans or turned to free plans. Changing to Pro Trial provided us with an Automation Developer licenses which should also enable the Studio Profile Option.

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