Trouble Saving Excel File

Hi Everyone,

I have a project where a need to generate 2000 excel reports at the end of the month.
The problem I am encountering is on random reports when I try to save. When the BOT type the folder path it click’s save before it finished typing the folder path.

Hi @Rickus_Cornelius

Give some delay before click activity


Use Delay activity

Type Into: Folder Path Field
Delay: 3000 ms (adjust as needed)
Click: Save Button
If you are using a “Type Into” activity to type the folder path, make sure to check the “Empty Field” and “Simulate Type” properties. Enabling “Empty Field” ensures that the field is cleared before typing, and enabling “Simulate Type” can improve typing speed and accuracy.

If you are using activities like “Type Into” or “Click” to interact with the folder path field and the “Save” button, you can set the “Wait for Ready” property to “COMPLETE” or “READY” to ensure that the activities wait for the element to be fully loaded and ready before proceeding.