I need help please!

Hello! I am new here, and I am doing the begginer course that I started on the 22nd. When I try do the first lesson, I´m having a problem, in the first lesson, I have to create a new blank task, when I create this task, I have to open new activity, add “Use excel file” and I open the folder, in this folder, following the video, supposedly I may have two files, named “Project_Notebook” and “Report” but I only have the first file.Would you know this happens?

Hi @Jose_Maria1 ,

As per my knowledge in studiox if you create any blank project it would create multiple folders and xaml files and also create only one default excel that is project_notebook.xlsx which is used to perform some manipulations.

i don’t think there is report xls would come by default. you have to create report excel for your exercise i guess. please check.

that report.xaml i think needs to be downloaded from the lesson you are currently on.