Robots are not appearing in triggers

I created a robot and is successfully connected to the orchestrator. After that i created Environment and Process . Now , when I try to create a trigger, I am unable to find robot and getting error as “Folder Default: #trigger sample for #process Sample_QA could not start. Undefined robots (#1678)”. Can you please guide in this scenario what should be my next step to investigate?

Hi @Bhargavi_Challa,
Check whether you added the robot in that particular environment. If you didn’t add then add it then it will show.

Hi @Bhargavi_Challa

Just to let you know, all the robots and the processes that needs to be run in those products should be included in the same folder. Additionally, when the robot is created, each robot is allocated to a particular environment which it is running on. That robot will look for processes only in that environment only. Hence, the process that you create should also be created in the same environment. If that is configured properly, you will see the robot in the trigger configuration window…

All are under default folder .

Did i miss any configuration ?

Hi @Bhargavi_Challa

Can I see the environment the robot is assigned to?

Not able to see environment in Robot

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Yes… the robot is not assigned to the environment. that’s why you cannot see it here in the robot page…

So, what you can do is, go to the environments page, and click on the three dots you see on the right hand side order of the environment, and click on configure… There, you can assign the robot to that environment.

Try that and see whether it works for you…

Thanks alot its working for me

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Check here

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