Triggering Unattended Processes Through Forms

Hi ,
i have just created a simple form task which includes uploading of files to storage buckets

But when i try to trigger out the process from orchestrator processes tab , i am not able to see that upload field option itself

Any help would be appreciated

Not getting that browse to upload option here as user input

Thanks in advance

Please check this

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Hi @Liji , we got it but actually wanted to know whether this is feasible, if so how do we do could you help us.

1.Usecase- basically uploading a Excel file , later downloading it to local and doing some operations and then uploading back to buckets again as output

Please find the screenshot below

we are getting the result but we want that link just like input , can we achieve that?

thanks in advance

We have it in the backlog to support download of output file from the same view, its not yet implemented. Are you looking for a solution in on-prem or cloud ? Thanks

i was looking for a solution in cloud /on prem , Just wanted to know whether that perticular feature is available either in cloud /on prem

@nikhil.girish , we are in the process of addressing this one currently, and should be fixed in cloud prod in next few weeks.

Update on 16th July
@nikhil.girish as we were troubleshooting, we figured out that it does not require a fix if in the workflow bucketname and bucketfolderpath arguments are marked as IN/OUT if you plan to send a storage bucket file in the output argument as well. Could you please try this and check if it works for you?

Thanks @Liji , will be looking forward to it…

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