Trigger VB script in Windows server using uipath


I need to Trigger the VB script wich is present in the windows server using UiPath,please suggest me an best approach for this.

Thanks :blush:

Hi @dhanushm ,
Have you tried invoke VB code?

I need to run the VB SCRIPT IN windows server,not in bot machine

You can try, use Start Process with “cscript.exe” and the .vbs file as the argument. (I’m assuming you mean it’s a .vbs file)
However, there can be problems with running it as admin if that’s needed, so you might need a powershell script to kick it off.
The .ps1 file just has this:
invoke-expression “cmd /C cscript ‘fullfilepath.vbs’”

@Nguyen_Van_Luong1 Thank you so much It worked, but I have one more doubt about how to pass Arguments to the vb script while triggering from the PowerShell script can you please help me with that?