Can We run VB script

Can we run VB script through uiPath?

Hai @sandeepbhatt,

Based upon your workflow you can add vb script into several activities.


Hi Aravind
can you please explane how can I, I have recorded SAP VB scripts, which I want to run directly through uiPath studio simply by giving path of scripts instead of create a workflow like got to SAP run script menu and then click on particulate script.

Hi @sandeepbhatt,

you can try to put your vb script in Invoke Code Activity and pass necessary parameters to run and get output as well.

It is showing “set” is no longer supported, it looks like Invoke code is only for , not vb script, I want to write vb script, Could you please let me know how

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Hi, this worked for me:

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Here is some additional help:

VBscript needs to be run through cmd and cscript, so you can do this with the Start Process activity. However, there could be some admin issues, which then you would want to call it through a Powershell script using the Run Powershell activity.

Here are some links: