Trigger on web page appear



I just installed the community edition to try and learn a little bit. My first robot should perform the following:

  • when for whatever reason a specific web page (A) appears, I need to click on a link to continue to the correct login page (B)
  • then enter user and password, and then click submit

That’s it. I somehow managed to record it (with some problems), but replaying in the Studio is now working. What I don’t know how to do, is how to start a runtime, and register my robot. I want the runtime to sit and wait until the trigger appear (the specific web page (A) is loaded in any of my browsers) and then automatically execute my previously registered robot. Any idea how to achieve this?

thanks a lot



if you do not want to start your process running the studio you need to:

  • Click Publish under the Setup on the top of the studio


  • Start it from UiPathRobot on the system tray from available processes.


If the UiPath Robot icon is not appearing on the system tray, you can start its executable located in the UiPath installation folder.




thanks for the Publish hint. That is now working, Unfortunately I still have to manually trigger the robot. Is it possible that the runtime automatically triggers (execute) my robot as soon as that web page A is loaded in any of my browsers?

thanks a lot


Hi @jdo

It is not possible for the robot to start executing when the web page is loaded. However, you can make use of the UI Automation events(On Element/Image Appear). You will start you robot and it will do nothing until when you navigate to that page - when an element/image on the page is displayed it will click on the login link.
You have an example below with both activities(i used Internet explorer browser and google sign in button):
events.xaml (26.4 KB)

You will also have to increase the TimeoutMS in order to avoid throwing an error after the default waiting time of 30000miliseconds(30s).