Help with a personal project

Hey so I’m fairly new to RPA and I got this idea to log in to league of legends. So what I have is two input dialogs that gets the username and password, then I use a click to the log in button. My problem is that when you click to log in, it takes a while to load. What I want to do is that when you log in and it loads completly i want to click the play button. How do I tell the robot to wait for client to load completly so i can press the play button?


@Daniel_Alzate - You can use “On Element Appear” or “Element Exist” activities to check whether the elements are loaded on the web page before you continue further…

Use the pertinent timeout period based on how fast the website loads

Ok, i’ll try it, but the problem is that its not a web page, it’s an .exe. The game needs to load and “pop up”, after that i need to press the play button.