Website button that trigger a robot

Hello all,

I want to trigger a robot using an html button in a website. (API call)
is this possible.
Because in the uipath website it says, "The Robot API is no longer supported. We recommend using the Orchestrator API. "
please could you share all the steps with me if any with Orchestrator API, to fully trigger a robot .

I tried with Button (c#) HTTP post call ,
I get this error “‘The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.’”


Did anyone tried and succeed in triggering a Robot With button


You can try this workaround, Monitor Events & Click Trigger (In which you need to specify selector for that button)
inside your bot, in this case your bot will be in running state before clicking, and once you click your button your target action (Event Handler) will get executed.

You can repeat this trigger forever by setting RepeatForever property to True


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Thank you a lot for your replay Madhuraj.

My use case is that the web application will set on the internet, (accessible to all visitors) if someone hit the button the rob will run.

The Visitors do not have the robot installed on their machine. the robot will be installed in-house.

In that case you can install bot on your application server, if the web application is internal.

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Orchestrator API is here:

If you want to go with your own webpage for starting the robots, you could:

  • Web page adds a queue item to a queue that a running robot checks constantly
  • Web page checks if a robot is already running
  • Web page sends a start robot call if it isn’t and one is available

Adjust to your requirements as needed.

Simpler solution might be to just use Orchestrator directly and give people access only to Jobs page.
Or to make the web page just add queue items and leave the robot start/stop etc. to a separate user group.

There’s a lot of ways this could be set up, all depends on your requirements.


Thank you a lot for your help.

This what I have tried at first but i keep getting this Error ‘The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error.’ (Authenticate HTTP request).

BUT you are right, there are different approaches for this case. I have selected to install the robot on the application server.

Hello , May I know whether you have the solution with your problem? I also have the similar problem.

I need to trigger my Bot by API (UiPath/service/agent/StartJob) with parameter. The Bot will do the job base on the parameter and return the result. Do you have any suggestion how to do it.?


I am doing a case study on api calls.could you please provide .xaml file that helps me a lot.
Case study: if user clicks a button on web page that should trigger a ui path bot which extracts some data in to a excel .

Hello! I have a problem with that. I understand the repeat forever property is to repeat the workflow once it’s over, but It should be waiting for click the UiElement again. My problem is, once the workflow ends, sometimes (most of the times) the click is triggered again, by the robot, without clicking manually by myself. Please if someone knows about this, pleas help me.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile:


What all triggers can be used in unattended mode- bot running in a virtual machine

Hi @pavani_tirumanyam, I’ve been thinking ways to do that use case. Had you found any solution for that? Can you share the workflow here?

I have here 3 solutions:

Cristian Negulescu