Trigger on monday and first day of month, but only once if that is the same day

Hey everyone,

I have a robot that I would want to schedule to run unattended on each monday, and each first day of the month. However, when that is the same day, I want it to run only once. Does anyone have tips?

A solution could ofcourse be to check in one of the documents that the robot edits to see if it has been edited already, but I hoped that I could do this in the trigger already.

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Hey @Natasja_Wezel

Kindly use the cron time schedule for the job,

Hope that helps


It would be:

0 0 0 1 * MON *

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Are you sure @postwick

We have only five places right ?

7 places:

Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Day Of Month, Month, Day Of Week, Year


Ok cool got it @postwick