Schedule robot based on a list of dates


We currently have a few processes that run every day except certain dates. These certain dates we avoid by creating our own customized “Non-working day restrictions”.

Is there a way of doing the oposite of this? That is, were we set to robot to run on specifically these dates? So we would create a list of dates the same way we did for the “Non-working day restrictions”, but this time we want to robot to run on only these dates.

It would be great if this was possible. We have a few processes that should run on particular dates each month of each year. There is no obvious logic to these dates, and so this cannot be solved using the Cron expression as far as I’ve found.

There are ways to solve this, but it would be ery useful if it could be added as an option in Orchestrator.

Best Regards,
Rikke Mohn

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If there is a way to create a Cron expression that lets the robot run e.g. at 9pm on the 7th of April, 11th of May, and 1st of July that would also be very helpfull.

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hi @3-rimo
sorry for the late comment
yes best way is using Cron expression
use the following link to generate your Cron expression as you want very easily

Eg :0 0 0,21 1,7,11 APR,MAY,JUL ? *


Thank you for your reply.

I think you perhaps misunderstood what Im trying to do. The example you gave me will cause the process to run 1st, 7th, and 11th of all three months. I wish to run it on different days each month.

If you know how to use a Cron expression to create a trigger to run on 7th of April, 11th of May, and 1st of July, that would be great.
As far as I have been able to find, I would have to use three different triggers.

Best wishes,
Rikke Mohn