How to schedule a bot to run only one time a month

How do I schedule a bot to run only one time a month? I have never done this before so help would be awesome.

Pls help guys, thx

PS(I have orchestrator.)


Hi @Diego_Pin

In orchestrator → Trigger-> click on Advance and you need to give the Cron Expression

You can customize your schedule using cron expression

For cron expression you can search in google


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In CRON expression with advanced option in TRIGGERS

We can use this expression
0 0 0 ? 1/1 *

Which will run at first day of every month

Cheers @Diego_Pin


Hello @Palaniyappan and @Srini84.
Soo if I would like run my process in every day 02… What expression I’m need use?

Thx guys this is a big help for me!.

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Then it would be like this
0 0 0 2 1/1 ? *

that is the bot runs at 00:00:00am, on the 2nd day, every month starting in January

Cheers @Diego_Pin


Hello @Palaniyappan, I’ll Try do and I gonna take a screenshoot to you see after, Thx… Really very,very thx!

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Sure @Diego_Pin

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