Trigger a Job from another Job

We had a requirement to trigger JobB after 24 hours of execution of JobA(JobB should be triggered from inside of JobA workflow). While triggering JobB we need to pass certain values of JobA as well and the Start time of JobA is dynamic. Any suggestions please?

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we can use START JOB activity inside the JobA
where mention the JobB name

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Start Job Activity Triggers JobB immediately after completion of JobA. But my requirement is to run JobB after 24hrs of execution of JobA and more over i need to send certain data to JobB from JobA which is not possible with Start Job Activity.

You can schedule the JobB process to run 24 hours after the JobA process via the scheduler.

Save the data you need in a Queue. JobA does what it needs to and uploads the certain data for JobB into the queue. JobB pulls that data from the Queue.

Also if you are worried about JobA not processing fully. When uploading elements to the Queue add a value to the item. When JobB runs use a condition statement to search for that value. If its found do this if not dont do anything. OR… Only add items to the queue at the end of JobA.

So you can use an API call to start a job with defer date (you will need to calculate that to the correct format)

Take a look at the below:

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This is the right to you .



Whilst Triggers are good this still doesnt allow for deferred execution -i.e. start 24 hours after