Transactions keep repeating after finishing once

im trying to use the reframework in uipath. so far i have understand the use of the init is to store the credentials, kill task and login.

Example: I want to automate data entry to a web form. I need to have name, date, age, email as data.

  1. Do I store the name,date,age and email in the asset of config excel file? Can I use this data in the process.xaml? If yes, How?
  2. I followed tutorial saying to add queue after the Invoke InitAllApplications Workflow so my reframework can run but now after finishing one transaction it keep repeating. How do I stop after finishing one transaction?
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Hi @clumsily

Regarding your first question:

Config files are usually used to store normally filepaths , credentials(asset name), queue name etc.

You are doing the data entry operations, so the each row of data ie each row which contains
name, date, age, email would be considered as a transaction data, so you can store these data in excel or in queue [preferred]

I did not get your second question, actually what is repeating in your case, can u explain that part too well

Try these tutorials on RE Framework as well,

Hope it will help you as well

Nived N
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if i store the data in excel, do i read the data during init process or during the process transaction process?

My file only has 1 row:
Name, Age, Email
John, 45,

If it is read during the init process, lets say use excel application scope, read row A1-C1, how do i then use this data during the process transaction ? is it argument?

and how do i make it so that it will end the process after just one transaction? cause right now my process keeps running even though the data entry for that one row is done.

Hi @clumsily
Read the excel data in the init state [preferred] or even in the Get Transaction Data [but adding with some validations]

Nived N

So it means you had only one data and your transaction process is reapeating,

If possible can u show the Get Transaction Data part ?

its the default, i didnt change anything in that part.

U mean you had stored in queue?

i dont know. i want to know how do i use the argument in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“Name”).ToString in the process.xaml.
So the question is how do I read my excel file which contains the one row of data in the init so that I can use it in the process.xaml.

Hi @clumsily

Just refer this workflow for the data netry challenge at

Hope this will helps you to clear the doubts


Nived N :robot:

Where you are adding data to queue , can you show the screenshot of it ?

It should be inside if condition in first run workflow so if bot failed it should not add all items to queue again.

I will suggest to use Dispatcher and Performer concept.
Add relevant data to queue from Dispatcher bot and then process it with Performer.