Reframework related

I want to use a reframework. For the first run bot will be take data from queue and then do the all transactions.
And performe all the operations.
And for the second run bot is depend on the Excel means bot will pick the data from Excel row by row. Right now my first run is working fine.but for the second run i am not able to understand how I perform the second run using one single re framework.
Anyone have any idea?
How I can manage first and second run in single reframework? Is it achievable?
If yess then how I can manage queue based and data row based transaction in reframework?
Thank you in advance


Both cases are possibles, but this is hard to explain at all here so please refer from those examples

For tabular data (excel process) plese check this

Using queues as then process each queue, please check this

also check academy courses that there are many examples

hope this helps,