Status of all items in queue changes to in progress and does not change to successful

After getting transactions from the queue, i see that all the transactions are set to in in progress status and status not changing to successful after they are processed. Anybody kindly advise.

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When you are using GET TRANSACTION ITEM activity all the new status queue item will get converted to IN PROGRESS status

If you want to change that to SUCCESSFUL then we need to use SET TRANSACTION STATUS activity

Cheers @mail4bobbysam

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Thanks Palaniyappan for your immediate attention.

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Glad it got resolved @mail4bobbysam

Palaniyappan, another doubt. Kindly advise me.

I am adding 100 queue items from an Orch queue to a web app. after completion, the queue shows 100 successful transactions but there are only 80 items showing in the web app list. No errors showing. Any idea why is this?

hi @mail4bobbysam

can you export your queue data to excel file and cross check with items list in web application

Run in debug mode once to find whether it is crossing above 80 transaction


but it should show some error in the uipath studio logs right?

Yeah that is if there is any exception
But still we can track with some logging
Use log message activity and place them at right places in your workflow where a transaction gets processed completely


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Hi Palaniyappan, now it is working fine but i did not change anything. total items in the queue is 100 items. last time when it ran, it added only 13 items to the web app. next time 80 items. i wonder why. There are already log messages when a transaction item is successfully added. Any idea why is this?
Bobby Sam

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