Transaction progress

If I set the ‘Progress’ in the ‘Set transaction progress’ activity, where can I see the information?

I checked in the orchestrator, but I only see any other information that the InProgress status and an ‘Edit’ action

Hi there @selrac,
The Progress is available to be retrieved from the item itself at runtime, using:

In addition, you can review within Orchestrator, however, the progress is only visible prior to a final status update:

For example, should your case fail, but the progress was set, it will create a new object (AE only), with the relevant details (including the progress):

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Thanks @Mr_JDavey

I can see that, thanks

What do you mean by…

… how do you do that?

Hi there @selrac,

Using the above expression, where qiExample is your retrieved transaction item.

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@ovi I don’t think qiExample.Progress actually works unless this has been updated?

In other words you can set the progress but you can’t actually reference it which isn’t that helpful.

Could you check if this is planned to be changed?


Can we retrieve progress value? I’m unable to get anything as such TransactionItem.Progress

Progress is not a member of UiPath.Core.QueueItem