Transaction item failed?

Not System exception transaction delete business exception transaction @170290064

Okay i ll listen to you and delete it :dagger:

Second transaction was coming failed as well i stopped it.

Don’t stop the program until all transactions in the queues are come to end.
The Transaction will fail when there is business or system exception is throwed.

We want to run all the transactions has to run in the queue.

If you are getting the same error then schedule a google meet will join and review the code.

is this workflow inside in First Run?
if yes place outside

Okay all transaction in queues are running. Then it was throwing the system exception at check app state activity that you updated at above replies.
Check why the check app state fails. I think there is element is not appearing on the screen that’s why the check app state failed and entering it to element not appear block. In that block there is throw activity it was throwing system exception and transaction failed. @170290064

Each time i navigate to home page and click continue thats why all transaction in queues are running.

Are you debugging the program or you running the program.

If you are doing debugging, that was use to check at which place the exception is triggering.

With that we have to sort the error. It was stopping at check app state the Ui element is not founding that’s why it was stopping at that place.

Like this right ?

The case was given a senior that he wants me to solve this…

Okay but with out go through the workflow we can’t find the solution @170290064

I placed it out of First Run Activities.

And that is the result.

Now i got it :ok_hand: :robot: :facepunch:

Thanks a lot @raja.arslankhan

Also thanks a lot @mkankatala and @pravallikapaluri

I appreciate you all :clap:

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Welcome @170290064

Happy Automation!!

Whenever process fails it will go in init state to initialize all the things to restart each application except reading config file again.

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Thank you for explanation :+1:

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