Tranfer Arguments Through multiple sequences


I want to transfer Arguments from One Sequence to mulitple Sequences!

Is this possible?

Or is it Possible just to transfer the Outputs

Hi @Beere_Plays ,

To perform this we generally create arguments in the workflows/Sequences we need, so that we can pass a value from outside the workflow into it.

However, we are not quite clear of your requirements. Could you maybe explain a bit more so that we could have an understanding of your implementation that is required ?


So i have a Process that is cuttet in different Sequences to keep an overview about it because it is very large and complicated.

But in Some parts i need Outputs of the Variables from the First Sequence in the 4th Sequence.

is this Possible?

@Beere_Plays … Yeah it is possible. Just Convert the “Output” Variable as “Out Argument” So that you can use it in your 4th Sequence. I hope this answer your question !!

Argument in UiPath - Uipath Tutorial | Arguments using Uipath - YouTube

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Hello, yes it is possible, but with little to go on as requirements, in your Main.xaml file is where all the sequences will be. When you drag each sequence into the Main the Invoke method will be present with Import Arguments. In each Sequence you will assign the variable to an Argument. Then you will be able to use in another Sequence. Arguments are In, Out, or In/Out and allow you to Import and use in other sequences.


Very simple example:
First Sequence:

Second Sequence: