Passing Arguments in multiple sequence

Hello Team,
I have multiple sequence, i.e Main,A,B,C,D,
I want to pass a variable value from main to sequence D.
The sequence are like D in C,C in B,B in A,A in main,How can the value of variable be passed,
Thank you

Hi @Mayyur,

You can use arguments to pass the values from one sequence to another sequence.

So, create one argument in all the sequences and pass the value from main to A, A to B, B to C, then C to D.



Thanks…got it

hey @Mayyur

First create the argument in the D workflow (this is the workflow that you need the argument to be in) and save it.
Now, Create a input argument in C to pass the value to D after receiving it from B. Now, go to the invvoke workflow activity in C where you invoke the D. click on Import arguments and add the input argument of C as the input for the argument of the D.

like wise, do it until you reach the main…

Make sense…

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Yes,this is time consuming,but works very well,Thnk you

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