RPA Developer Foundation - Selector - Difficult situations - Example not working

I am facing a problem with the training: some of the exercise is not working. Is there anyone who could help?

Exercise: Selectors/Difficult situations

It seems like the webapp has been changed from http://www.rpachallenge.com/ resulting in an exercise that does not work anymore.

Encountered problems:

  1. IE does not start with Main.xaml. I start it manually before, and then it goes on. Still I don’t understand why it does not start on its own!

  2. The HighlightElement_AnchorBase workflow does not find “First Name” (it times out) though the page is properly opened in IE:


  3. When I try to fix this from Studio, I can’t get the focus on the field itself (but only the complete parent frame) and I get an “Invalid UI node” message :

The two last issues are blocking, and I guess I am not the only one…

NB: log files:
2020-02-11_Execution.log.txt (10.4 KB) 2020-02-11_Studio.log.txt (54.8 KB)

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Problems are the result of the missing plugin in IE.
Now, the issue is in fact why does not Studio agree to install the plugin while the version of Windows is supposed to be supported. I will check for that one now…

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