Tracking job progress in App

Is there a walkaround to somehow track progress of started job on Apps on Orchestrator?
Send Interim Results activity works only on attended ones.
Does anyone handle this topic with unattended bots? Any idea would be helpful to monitor such processes.
Or maybe is it possible to display New Queue Items and update if they’re done?

Hi @olgu

  1. Implement extensive logging within your automation process. You can use the “Log Message” activity in UiPath to log relevant information at different stages of the process.
  2. you can update a status file or a dedicated database table with the current progress, allowing you to track the job’s advancement.
  3. If your process involves handling multiple items, you can use the UiPath Orchestrator Queue to track the progress. Enqueue each item as a queue item and update the status or progress of each item as the bot processes them.


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I know I can do that - but is it possible to incorporate those ideas inside App on Orchestrator?

@olgu ,

you can’t call orchestrator progress track/reports into Apps. Apps do not have any direct integration with more detailed information of logs or progress of Orchestrator.


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Thanks, maybe in the future Apps would be able to do so!

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