Activity doesn't complete in orchestrator but does manually

I have an activity that daily checks an email folder for emails. If it finds certain information in the email it will create queue items and then process the items. If will send out an email from these cute items and then update a spreadsheet with some more information.

Lately it has not been writing the information to the spreadsheet when it is run on a schedule from Orchestrator, but when I run it manually it does. I cannot figure out why.

I am new to UIPath. I assumed that if something caused the process to crash then that would be logged somewhere. All I can see is the normal logging.

Where do I got to check for additional information about why the process failed? Is there some way to turn on more fine-tuned logging?


Can you check the job logs, If any error is occured?


There was nothing in the job log, which was very surprising to me.

It turns out that the process depends on a file on the server. That file is in place for the dev server, and it was also in place in the prod environment. However, the file in the prod environment was not syncing with the file that the user was looking at. When I repaired this everything worked well.

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