Total Inflow Consideration in Queue

Problem Statement: Current Insight Dashboard doesn’t consider total Queue inflow which are in New/InProgress Status. Details available in Insights are those which are already processed (Currently Under Processing). Due to this, the actual Backlog, Success Report project with incorrect sum total

Recomendation: All Transaction status should be part of Insights. If the total inflow is not captured, then all report would show incorrect metrics (eg: Success rate, TAT, Ageing Calculation). This is currently working with Kibana.

hi @sishiramishra thanks for the recommendation! Insights is meant to be an analytics tool, which means it only receives records for queues and processes that have already been completed. as it is not meant to be a monitoring tool, it will not show the current new/in progress items. it is on our roadmap to have full transaction history, however at the moment you can easily use monitoring (also part of orchestrator) to view current new and in progress transactions.

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