Toggle between two instance

Hi Everyone,

I have two instances of the same web application open.
How can I make BOT to identify the correct window to proceed with the automation.
Selectors are similar of both the web windows.

Hi @somya177 for simple solution close one instance and process your workflow …

but there is a possibility that Agent might two instances open then how will the BOT know in which instance it has to start proceeding

@somya177 As you mentioned:

Try to find specific difference between these two selectors (eg. Title of the page, Id, etc.) and place the remaining activities under the scope for that specific selector.

okay…as of understanding both instances are same right and selectors also same so take selector for to close the instance so what ever the instance it is found it will close one instance.
try like this and let me know…


If the process has multiple tabs included, generally individual attach browsers should work. In your case, you can use ACTIVATE activity with no selectors inside after each attach browser. That would make each page active before performing any actions.