Differentiation between two identical webpages

if the same web page is open more than one time, the robot is working on one of them (the oldest I think), how can I specify a specific one, putting into consideration both web pages have the same selectors.

Hi @hussein_khaled
It’s advisable that whenever you start your process you kill the application, so you know there’s no garbage in the desktop. If for any reason you cannot kill the application you can do it as follows:
When you open the web page, you can save the new instance in the output variable

Whenever, later in the process you need to go to that instance you set it like this in your attach browser:

MultipleBrowserSameWindow.xaml (11.9 KB)


Hi @hussein_khaled ,

As mentioned by @GersonTun it’s better to use UiBrowser variable throughout in you application.
On top of this you should use element exist in the beginning of open browser and if it gives you False output that means you don’t have top open it again.

You can also kill instances of IE or crome in the beginning of the code.

Thank you so much

thank you so much

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