To seperate excel into two sheets using one condition

I need to separate this excel into two sheets with the condition status as “error” or “completed.” Please help with your valuable contribution am a beginner in the RPA field
thanks in advance

Hi @sarath_babu,

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  1. Read excel with read range activity.
  2. Filter “failed” using the Filter activity.
  3. Filter “completed” using the Filter activity.
  4. Write the tables you created on different sheets.

Please share your feed if you have problems doing these steps.


Thank you so much. It means a lot to me. I will try all these out and will let you know the results soon. Wishing you a great day ahead

Can you please elaborate on the 4th step you have mentioned in this?

Hi @sarath_babu ,

As @muhammedyuzuak mentioned the steps

  1. Read excel with read range activity. → dt_result
  2. Filter dt_result with “failed” using the Filter datatable activity. → dt_Failed
  3. Filter “completed” using the Filter activity. → dt_Completed
  4. Write the tables you created on different sheets. (as you have two data tables, you can write it to two sheets)


I am facing some issues with the filter activity , for getting both faild and completed stored am using for each statement and facing issues for placing filter activity

Hi @sarath_babu ,
Give column name as Status in filter data table activity on left side and on right side give “error”.
This will filter only rows which consists of error.
Same do for “Completed” also.
And write the data on separate excel sheets.


@sarath_babu ,
Place filter data table activity after reading the excel file.
Don’t put inside for each.

good morning,
I would like to let you know that I have tried doing the steps you have mentioned here, I tried the filter data table activity, and may I know which statement is used to create a new sheet in the same excel and store the filtered data.
Wishing you all a great Sunday. Thank you

Hi @sarath_babu ,

kindly use Write range activity to write the datatable,
you may need to check the documentation to specify the sheet name
please note that there are classic activities and modern activities to use,