Error occurs while using read range activity

I have a datatable (DT) with name and department as column names. From that data table I want to filter each department with student name and write into a new sheet in excel. i.e I created an excel file and create new sheet for each department and write the name to those who belong to that department.
for this to perform I do these steps

  1. for each activity for DT
    2)assign depart=row.item(0).tostring
    3)Filter datatable activity used to get a new datatable(FilterDT) with condition as department column name = depart
    4)then inside for each activity of DT, I use write range activity to write FilterDT to excel with sheet name as variable depart

now when i perform this I got an error like " Write Range: Failed setting the current sheet to: in workbook: C:\Users\rifnan\Downloads\List.xlsx. Original error message: Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC"

Can anyone please provide me with correct answer

@rifnanahas please find the screenshots for your query.
please let me know if it works.