Excel operations

I have source excel file, in that excel file there is column name " collection status" .
For this I have used a condition " row(“collection status”).contains(“A”)" which will filter the information of(A) .
After this I need to create a new sheet in same excel to get complete information after applying the condition.
I tried with “write cell” activity but headers are not printing on result page .
If there is any option to use “write range” or " append range " activity where we can get the complete information after applying the condition.
please help me with the solution.

Hi @hemanth_chinna,

Use excel read range to get data into a DataTable variable.
Apply Select filter on it with the condition. you will get filtered data as list of DataRows.
Convert it into a table and write it to excel sheet using write range.


Hi @hemanth_chinna,

use Read Range activity to get the data in DataTable.

Dt=Dt.Select("[collection status] like '%A%'").CopyToDatatable()

use Write range activity to write the data in Excel.


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