To remove duplicates in excel

I’m comparing two excel sheet and I want to remove the duplicates in excel2 when I was calling excel1


Follow below link

Thank you so much but in my case I was comparing two Excel sheets.

can you give some sample data

name.xls (10.5 KB)

consider that this excel read and stored in dt


this will return the Distinct values from the both column name and domain

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I got it thank you so much

Man you are awesome.
But can you plz tell me, where can i learn more about Uipath Studio, its methods, activities. I have already completed my training from UiPath academy.

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Using this can remove the duplicate rows from excel.


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Hi @balupad14,

Here to remove duplicates in some columns,I tried with remove duplicates
We don’t the range specific from starting B1,ending it depends on data
Can you suggest anything for this


Here is a detailed article on that :slight_smile:
# How To Remove Duplicates From Datatable In UiPath