How to remove duplicate from excel




attached is the input file,Can some one tell me the how to remove the duplicate values in the


Hi @cheersrpa

See below options

if you want to apply this or particular columns you can do it like this

DataTable distinctTable = dtRows.DefaultView.ToTable(true, "column1","column2");



I tried using the above piece of code.But it didn’t worked out.

FYI…I want to delete the entire row if its duplicate record.



Hi @cheersrpa

i consider the columns “Employee Number” and “COR” to remove the duplicate records. the output of this will be a datatable with 3 row.
Here is the workflow for the same - (2.0 KB)

You can specify the actual columns that you want to consider to check duplicate in Assign statement instead of below specified columns-
dtData.DefaultView.ToTable(true, “Employee Number”, “COR”)