Remove Duplicates Range: Cannot remove duplicates in the specified range

I have to remove duplicates row from an output excel file with first column is serial number. But the Remove Duplicates Range don’t work or i just didn’t use it in the right way. Can anyone help me with this?
This is the picture of that error and my activity.

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Hi buddy

WELCOME to UiPath community buddy… That’s really a good question to start with

You were almost right buddy, but the ranges should have some alongwith it …like “B1:S14”…like this buddy

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Thank you very much @Palaniyappan , but i have tried “B3:M50” but it still not work, by the way, the excel file’s rows will increase later so i want the range to cover all rows between to 2 column B and M. I have download the Remove Duplicates Range zip file from Uipath website and tried it too, its work on that Example file only but not on my file although i have change the path of the file and the Sheet name too.

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Buddy i would like to suggest you with this link given by UiPath…try to find duplicates in this way buddy


Kindly let know whether this works or not buddy… let’s sort this out…

Is that working buddy

I’m working on it. So please wait me for a while. Thank you @Palaniyappan.

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Dear @Palaniyappan, it worked a little bit, it remove the duplicated rows which are next to each other but not all. Because my robot will run on a long time update website so some of the data from the next time i run will duplicate with the old one already in it, but it not lay next to each other. So i think i must build a activity for this problem on my own. Thank you very much for support me this time buddy.

That’s cool…
Buddy you can go for invoke vba activity as well, that could resolve your issue with macros been executed in excel with this invoke vba buddy…lets try that buddy.

Oh, good ideal, i will try it, i have never use invoke VBA but i will learn how to use it and try. Thanks a lot buddy. @Palaniyappan

Great…let know whether that works buddy…

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Yes, of course. I will tell you if i solved it. @Palaniyappan

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Dear @Palaniyappan, i have remove the duplicates range in my way. Thank you very much buddy. image


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