To add Assign activity

Hello Team ,
I am going through the document “Walkthrough Just a touch” for assignment 1 - Calculate Client Security Hash

I am stuck at page 11

I am stuck at this page . I dont know where to add Assign activity after invoking all the 4 files from system 1 folder under "Invoke Kill all process workflow " activity .

Could any one help me out here .

Thank you

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you can do it after extracting the data.

Hello Vidwa,
Is it between “System1 Extract Work Item Data Table”
and " System1 Close" invoke activity .

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you can just do it inside the extractworkitems WorkFlow after the data Scrapping.

I did that . I created a variable WIList of type datatable and another variable dt_WIs of type data row . I am getting an error saying "Select is not a member of data row when I put
WIList = dt_WIs.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

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This is how it should be
WIList is a data row and dt_Wls is a data table. try to change their data types and make sure that the dt_Wls data table is the output data table which you get from data scrapping.

I did that . Attached screenshot . The output of extracted data from data scraping is set to dt_WIs

Type of dt_WIs is DataTable
Type of WIList is DataRow

I am still getting the error


Hello kavsanu

Convert WIList to datarow instead of datarow. This error will be resolved. This is because it requires to hold multiple strings.

Thank you

I meant array of datarow

Awesome Anusha . That worked . Thank you :slight_smile:

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