Advanced training level 1 assignment


hi guys,

I am facing an issue while completing the assignmet…

if I hover to see the error message…in_config not declared or its not accessible


Hey @phyogananda

Use Config and not in_Config

Hope it works for you.



@Rishabh_Lakhera thank you… its working


I am confused with workflow, ’

Open the Main workflow and expand the Init state by double clicking it. o
On the Entry region, locate where the KillAllProcesses workflow is invoked. o Add a new sequence after the Invoke KillAllProcesses activity to read the input transactions data table. o

Inside this sequence, invoke four of the previously created workflows, as follows
: :black_small_square: System1 Login
:black_small_square: System1 Navigate to Work Item
:black_small_square: System1 Extract Work Item Data Table
:black_small_square: System1 Close

after this they have given below steps: my doubt is do we need to put the assign activity in sequence or outside the sequence.

if I use assign activity I am not able to access datable from workitems flow

Import and bind arguments where necessary. o
From the list of work items, extract only the items needed in the current process - those of the WI5 type, with the status set to “Open”.
:black_small_square: Use the DataTable.Select method to filter out the elements that do not match the criteria above. Assign the result to a new variable
. :black_small_square: This is what the Assign activity should look like:

can you please let me know correct procedure…


Please refer to these screenshots

This is what my Extract Workitems looks like , above this is data scraping sequence followed by this -

Arguments should be -

Instead of filtering the data outside the workflow, i’ve done it inside and then passed the result as arguments.


Hi Rishabh

in the above screenshot ur assigning extracted table to WIList…
i.e, WIList =…)

for me it showing error as cannot convert "1-Dimensional Array to…datarow "

I have declared WI_datatble as “” type
and WIList as “”

can u help in this


WIList should be an Array of DataRow , you must have used DataRow!