TNEA 2023 Admission Data Automation

TNEA 2023 Admission Data Automation

Use Case Description

Objective: To automate the process of capturing and consolidating data for students selected for colleges and branches as published by Anna University for TNEA 2023, distinguishing between reported and not reported admissions.
• Anna University publishes the selected student data on a specific webpage.
• The data on the webpage contains a combination of the candidate’s name and application number.
• The webpage provides a downloadable .zip file for each candidate.
• The user has access to an Excel file with application numbers.
• UiPath Studio is installed and licensed.
• UiPath Orchestrator is set up and available for use.

Basic Flow:

  1. Setup:
    • Initialize the UiPath Robot Environment.
    • Set up the Queue in the UiPath Orchestrator for processing application numbers.
  2. Read Application Numbers from Excel:
    • Use ‘Read Range’ activity to extract the list of application numbers from the provided Excel file.
  3. Process Each Application Number:
    • For each application number in the Excel file, do the following:
    • Use ‘Add Queue Item’ activity to add the application number to the Orchestrator Queue.
  4. Retrieve and Process Data from Website:
    • For each Queue Item (Application Number) in the Orchestrator, perform the following tasks:
    • Navigate to the Anna University webpage using ‘Open Browser’ activity.
    • Use ‘Get Text’, ‘Find Element’, or ‘Data Scraping’ activities to extract the candidate name and application number combination.
    • Split the extracted string to separate the application number and the candidate name.
    • Match the application number with the corresponding Queue Item.
    • Download the .zip file associated with the application number using ‘Click’ activity or HTTP request.
  5. Extract and Process .zip File:
    • Use ‘Invoke Method’ activity to extract the contents of the .zip file.
    • Retrieve the .txt file from the extracted folder.
  6. Read and Process .txt File:
    • Use ‘Read Text File’ activity to read the data from the .txt file.
    • Extract all necessary information required to be filled in the Excel file.
  7. Update Excel File:
    • Use ‘Write Range’ or ‘Write Cell’ activities to input the data into the corresponding fields in the Excel file.
    • Add the status (Reported/Not Reported) for each student in the Excel file.
  8. Exception Handling:
    • Implement Try-Catch blocks for each activity to catch any exceptions.
    • Log meaningful error messages in case of exceptions.
    • Set up proper retry mechanisms in case of web page load failures or data extraction issues.
  9. Cleanup:
    • Remove any temporary files created during the process.
    • Close all applications and web browsers used during the process.
    Alternate Flows:
    • If the webpage format changes, adapt the selectors and data extraction logic accordingly.
    • If the .zip file is corrupted or not available, log an exception and move to the next Queue Item.

Website URL:

Input File:



Other information about the use case

Industry categories for this use case: Universities Academy

Skill level required: Advanced

UiPath Products that were used: UiPath Studio, UiPath Orchestrator

Other applications that were used: Excel, Winzip / Winrar

Other resources: -

What is the top ROI driver for this use case?: Other