Debug mode does not work

Hello, I have an issue while debugging my workflow. It works fast when I run it but while in debug mode Uipath gets stuck. It stucks while going through a triple loop. Any ideas how to solve it?

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How was the memory usage when it got stuck? Was UiPath frozen / not responding? I know that if you loop too much that the java.exe process increases memory the longer it goes and can lock up the software.

I feel like Debug mode with UiPath is one of those things that could be improved. I don’t even use it cause I don’t get ideal run timing. I use Message Boxes and Write Line for testing parts of code and not in Debug for that reason. I mean a process that takes like 1 minute per item could double to 2min with Debug so for 15 items that’s 30mins total time instead of 15mins… Just from what I’m seeing. Just running normally while displaying variables in the output tab or message box works well, though.