Tip: SAP GUI for Windows with GuiXT in the Context of Automation

GuiXT is a very impressive SAP GUI for Windows extension. With GuiXT you have the possibility to change existing SAP GUI user screens as you like. A basis functionality is part of the installation of the SAP GUI for Windows.


You can find more information about GuiXT at Synactive.

With GuiXT is it possible to change any user screen you like. Here an easy example with labels and fields. In the screen elements you see all UI elements which are available on the user screen. On the right side you see a tiny script, which deletes the Plant label and field, but GuiXT is off.

Now GuiXT is on and the screen is refreshed. The label and field Plant are no more longer available.

It is the same in the SAP GUI Scripting object hierarchy. On the left side the label and text F3 are available, but on the right side not, with activated GuiXT.

GuiXT004 GuiXT005

You can activate GuiXT very easily in the menu.

But what does that possibility mean for SAP automation workflows?

There is a possibility, if you design an attended bot and the user which runs it uses GuiXT, that the bot “meets” screens, that it can’t process. Fields can’t be visible and other fields can exist. GuiXT offers fantastic possibilities here. When analyzing errors, it is always necessary to ask about the use of GuiXT. This can sometimes save you a lot of time and confusion.