Unable to close SAP Dialog Box

I am Automating SAP ,
When i try to close the SAP Dialog Box Multiple times,
It is not working

Hi Theja,
Does the title area of the selector code change for those pop-ups? You may need to add a wildcard in the title area, to allow the robot to find the pop-up box.

Hi Thom,

I am getting the POPUP title and passing it as an Attribute.
For the First time it is working fine.
But for second time it is not working

But does the title name change for each pop-up you encounter?

Yes Title Changes Every time we execute a new tcode

Then you need to look into the selector code within the close activity for the pop-up. The automation is finding the first one, because the title name matches the name within the selector code.

You need to replace the title name within the selector code with a * (wildcard symbol)

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Even Though it is not working

SAP’s selectors can change depending on the tcode you are using. It is not always the same. You might need multiple close activities for the various SAP pop-ups you encounter.

I must stress, you need to look into the selector code for your pop-up related activities. If you are unsure what I am referring to:

Here’s the link about selectors

And I will strongly advise to look into the foundation course as well, especially when it comes to SAP-based automations.

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