Instead of using wildcard...edit Ui selector for SAP window with dynamic customer ID in title

Hello there,
I’m a beginner who is working on to create a process… to execute one customer ID taken from a csv file, update and be saved. And it goes back to the same transaction to execute the same tasks for the next customer ID in the csv file.
I notice Uipath recognizes the exact SAP window for the first customer ID. The selector accepts only the first customer ID, not the next customer ID which is not recorded in there(of course), so the bot failed.
Error due to title='Display Person : 1234567, this number is the first customer ID. When the next customer ID is 4837636, it fails.

I learnt to use the document “Selectors with Wildcards” in this forum, though it would be great if I could set a variable for any customer IDs in the selector for validation instead of putting a wildcard.
Selectors with Wildcards

I set a part of the bot like the below.

Can be the selector edit title='Display Person : {{variable1}} (something like this.I know this does not work…)?

Please advise if you know how I can edit the window title in the selector to use a dynamic variable for this case?

Thank you-,

@Oskarin Why won’t this work ? Can you show how you are using it ? Maybe can you send the Screenshot of Selector in UiExplorer?

For testing purposes you can supply the current value present in the title as a default value to that variable. It then should be able to Validate and highlight the proper element.

Thank you for your comment.
you know what, it works today :slight_smile:
I don’t know why… I’m still bit suspicious… 'cause it failed many times… and I decided to seek support in this forum.
whew. I’m glad!

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